Burn Parish Council Agendas and Minutes

Next Meeting: Thurs 7 September (please note no meeting in August)
19:00; Burn Chapel Schoolroom.


In accordance with the introduction of the Smaller Authorities (Transparency Requirements) (England) Regulations 2015/494 – transparency obligations for parish councils with an annual turnover not exceeding £25,000 (England only), Burn PC will now publish the following information on this website:

  • all items of expenditure above £100 confirming the date the expenditure was incurred, a summary of the purpose of the expenditure, the amount and any VAT which cannot be recovered.
  • end of year accounts
  • annual governance statement
  • internal audit report
  • list of councillor responsibilities
  • details of public land/building assets
  • agenda for Parish Council meetings
  • draft minutes (and subsequently signed minutes when available)
Ext Audit_2017_1
Ext Audit_2017_2
Ext Audit_2017_3
Ext Audit_2017_4
Ext Audit_2017_5
Burn_Public rights notice_Ext audit_2016-17
Burn_Int rep_Ext audit_2016-17
Burn_Sec 1_Ext audit_2016-17
Burn_Sec 2_Ext audit_2016-17


Minutes of meetings 2017
Burn Budget Headings JULY 2017
Burn PC Receipts & Payments 2017-18 JULY meeting
Burn PC Minutes JULY 2017 Draft
Burn PC Minutes JUNE 2017 Approved
Burn PC Minutes Annual Meeting MAY 2017 Approved
Burn PC Receipts and Payments 2016-17 JUNE mtg
Burn PC Minutes 6 April 2017 APPROVED
No meeting March 2017
Burn PC Minutes 9 Feb 2017 APPROVED
No meeting January 2017

Minutes of meetings 2016
Burn PC Minutes Extra Precept Meeting DECEMBER 2016 Approved
Burn PC Minutes NOVEMBER 2016 Approved
Burn PC Minutes OCTOBER 2016 Approved
Burn PC Minutes JUNE 2016 Approved
BPC Annual Meeting MAY 2016 Minutes FINAL
BPC Annual Parish Meeting 2016 Minutes FINAL
Burn PC Minutes APRIL 2016 Approved
Burn PC Minutes MARCH 2016 Approved
Burn PC Minutes FEB 2016 Approved
Burn PC Minutes JAN 2016
Minutes of meetings 2015

December 2015  – No meeting
Burn PC Minutes NOVEMBER 2015
Burn PC Minutes OCTOBER 2015
Burn PC Minutes 24 Sept 2015
Burn PC Minutes AUG 2015
Burn PC Minutes July 2015
Burn PC Minutes June 2015
Return of Result of Uncontested Election: Election of Parish Councillors for Burn on Thursday 7 May 2015
Return of result of uncontested election Burn PC May 2015_20150501_0001
Notice of Appointment of Date for the exercise of electors’ rights: Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015
Exercise of Electors’ Rights May 2015_20150501_0001
Burn PC Minutes MAY 2015
Burn PC Minutes APRIL 2015
Burn Parish Council Minutes 25 FEB 2015
Burn Parish Council Minutes 28 JAN 2015
Burn Parish Council Minutes 8 JAN 2015

Minutes of meetings 2014 
Burn PC Minutes NOVEMBER 2014
Burn PC Minutes 30 OCTOBER 2014
Burn Parish Council 2 OCTOBER 2014 Minutes
Burn PC Minutes AUGUST 2014
Burn PC Minutes JULY 2014
Burn PC Minutes JUNE 2014
Burn PC minutes May 2014
Burn Parish Council APRIL 2014 Minutes
Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 2013
Burn PC minutes MARCH 2014
Burn PArish Council Minutes FEBRUARY 2014
Minutes -PC Meeting – 30.01.14.
Minutes of meetings 2013
No meeting December 2013
Burn Parish Council Minutes NOVEMBER 2013
Minutes Burn Parish Council Meeting OCTOBER 2013
Burn Parish Council Minutes SEPTEMBER 2013
Burn Parish Council Minutes – Extraordinary Meeting – 05 September 2013
No meeting AUGUST 2013
Burn Parish Council Minutes JULY 2013
Burn Parish Council Minutes Meeting JUNE 2013
Minutes – Annual PC Meeting -MAY 2013
Burn Parish Council Minutes MAY 2013
Burn Parish Council Minutes APRIL 2013
Burn Parish Council Minutes MARCH 2013
Burn Parish Council Minutes FEBRUARY 2013
Minutes Burn Parish Council JANUARY 2013

Burn Parish Council minutes can also be viewed in the notice boards at the Chapel, in the notice board in West Lane near the post box and adjacent to the bus stop near Barff View.
However if you would like a hard copy delivering please contact us via email stating which month’s Minutes you would like to obtain, together with your address and if possible telephone number.
Email address: burnparishcouncil@outlook.com
Alternatively please contact Mrs Mary Farman, Burn Parish Council Clerk – 01757 228325 (Mon – Fri 9.30am to 5pm) or write to her c/o Three Greens, The Green, Gateforth YO8 9LF
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