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PUB Revised Opening Times from 4 July

PUB Social Distancing rules for customers from 4 July

PUB Take-Away Meal Service menu website from 4 July

PUB What are the new rules for pubs from 4 July

Andy & Jo are delighted to welcome customers back – and every effort is being made to make your experience as enjoyable as in the past but ensuring your safety and that of the Wheatsheaf staff is paramount – please bear with them as it this is a time of adjustment and fine-tuning for everyone.

Keep up to date via The Wheatsheaf website  and FaceBook page Burn Village Community



Well, the weather was awful and rather ruined the possibility of outdoor end-of-driveways picnics but the ‘Big Lunch Pixies’ – aka Burn Parish Council, still managed to bring a little rainbow bag of goodies into every household and keep the spirit of our 11 years’ unbroken Big Lunch record alive for another 12 months.

The council hopes the little packets of quiz books, crayons and pub food vouchers helped raise a smile and here’s to it being lucky number 13 in 2021!


BURN PARISH COUNCIL:  Future meetings: details will be posted here on the website on the Burn PC Agendas & Minutes page and in noticeboards in due course. Please note during the current lockdown situation the Parish Council members are holding virtual meetings via Zoom.

We’ve set up a Burn Village Facebook page – see


Burn Methodist Chapel: Services are suspended until further notice – but anyone who is in need for whatever reason or wants the services of a minister please contact Christine Gamble on 01757 270308 and that also applies to anyone who would just like a chat – Beryl Phillipson on 01757 270210 is also on hand to talk. Blessings to you all.
New initiative

Our colleagues at North Yorkshire County Council have launched a new website to help North Yorkshire businesses and tradespeople, who can work under Covid-19 restrictions, share what they offer with customers who need their services.

The Buy Local website is run by North Yorkshire County Council and the aim of this is to help people find local services that are still available. The site provides details for local suppliers across North Yorkshire, including in our area.

We will be pushing information about the site to encourage businesses across the district to take part and we wanted to ask if you could help us do this, by speaking with local traders and businesses in your area and urging them to register on the Buy Local website as soon as possible to help create a comprehensive one-stop shop for North Yorkshire residents –


FROM 13 MAY 2020

Andy & Jo say:

Thank you all so much for supporting us! We can’t believe the take-up especially of the fish & chips etc on Wednesdays.

But we know people have been having some trouble getting through on the phone and we’ve been struggling, while cooking 6 days a week, to meet demand while keeping up all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff like ordering and picking up supplies, deep cleaning the kitchen, prepping, paperwork and so on.

So, to help more people, hopefully, place orders successfully we’re changing things a bit…..

Please only phone your orders through (no texts or emails, sorry!!) on the day as this helps us keep track of how many servings we have left.

We plan to open for meals service on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (our busiest days) following the usual procedure but with Fish & Chips/ Burgers (and hopefully other hot meals in the future) extended to Thursday evenings as well as Wednesdays to manage the demand.

But keep an eye on the Burn Facebook page, the Parish Council website and the noticeboards as this is definitely a work in progress!!

HOT FOOD to take away!!
We will be cooking Fish & Chips (with mushy peas) and Burger & Chips (with onion rings) on WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS BETWEEN 5 – 6PM.  Please ring as normal between 10am – 12 noon on the day to place your order for collection.  £7.50 per serving 

You may also order other meals to take at the same time but these will need to be re-heated.

We are also making a few changes to our current take-away/delivery menu -please note that most popular dishes will remain, but some will change so we would advise when calling just to check.

All below are homemade dishes:-

Chilli-Con-Carne with rice

Chicken Tikka Masala with rice (mild)

Thai Green Chicken Curry with rice (mild)

Fish Pie with veg

Steak and Ale Pie with mash and veg

Liver and Onions with mash and veg

Lasagne with salad

Chicken, leek & mushroom pie with mash and veg

The vegetarian dishes below are what we currently have in stock:-

Vegetable Lasagne with salad

Cream Cheese and Broccoli Bake with salad

Mushroom and Pea Risotto with salad

£6.00 per dish or £10.00 for two subject to availability at time of ordering.


We’d also love to hear any feedback or food ideas going forward!

Remember – phone The Wheatsheaf on 01757 270614 between 10am and 12 noon for same day delivery/pickup between 4pm and 6pm, Wednesday to Saturday.

(Please note new phone times and day restrictions – this will help Jo and Andy plan ahead, shop, cook, prepare and meet the most requests)

Thank you everyone – thank you for your support and  keep well and safe.

Andy & Jo

Instructions to customers:-

– The above food is cooked and ready to re-heat at your home or to freeze for a later date.
– The containers used are microwave and dishwasher proof but NOT oven proof.
Please ring to place your pre-order on 01757 270614 between 10am and 12 noon to be available for pick-up/delivery between 4 pm and 6pm -same day, Wednesdays to Saturdays.
N.B We have a stock of bottles (cider, lager, beer and wine) available to purchase – please ring to ask.



We have been made aware of a number of new scams exploiting people’s fear over the Coronavirus
The BBC have summarised these scams in this article

Recently flagged scams from North Yorkshire Community Messaging:

NHS Test and Trace emails
We have seen the first phishing email relating to the Test & Trace service. Notably, the fake email refers to the service as ‘track and trace’. The email advises the recipient that they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. They are instructed to click on a link in order to find out who that person is and are warned that if they fail to do so within 24 hours, legal action may be taken and their benefits suspended. The email address from which this message is sent is

Please remember that tracers will only ever contact person by phone and NEVER in person. Also this service is free. I am aware of people being contacted by someone claiming to be from the Test and Trace service then asking for £500 for a test to be administered.

Amazon gift card
A new Amazon phishing campaign has emerged claiming to offer recipients the chance to win a £1,000 Amazon gift card. The subject reads: “On the occasion of overcoming the coronavirus, Amazon gives you the gift of victory.” The sender name is spoofed to read ‘ The recipient is instructed to click on a link in order to apply. The link has been identified as malware. It is common for such scams offering free vouchers to ask for a persons bank details. Please be aware and remember ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is!!!

A reminder that online and phone scammers are just still trying to defraud victims as much as ever if not more so now. A recent scam is a text stating that it is Santander saying there has been an unusual attempt to login to your online Banking. Underneath is a link that it asks you to click on.
Do not click on this link or any other link from a text or email.

Action Fraud have received several reports of a text message circulating purporting to be from Tesco giving out free vouchers due to Covid-19. The user is asked to click on a link which leads to a genuine looking website which is designed to steal login information as well as personal and financial details. Looking at the message there are several indicators it is a scam:

  1. The message is addressed to ‘Dear Customer’ as opposed to an individual name
  2. The message invites the user to click on a link
  3. Poor grammer – Note the words ‘To Qualify’, there is no need for a capital ‘Q’
  4. The time the message received (10:17pm)
  5. The way the message is signed off using a zero(0) insead of an ‘o’ (The Tesc0 team)
  6. It is too good to be true

The above rationale should be applied to all emails/texts you receive

NEW INITIATIVE: Each week at 4pm officers in the Economic Crime Unit have undertaken to do a Facebook Live session on the North Yorkshire Police Facebook page to give advice on staying safe from fraud. This weeks presentation/advice will be given by the Cybercrime unit. Please join us at 4pm for advice on how to stay safe online











Help the four formidable mums, who set a world record for rowing unsupported across the Atlantic and who raised funds to open a Maggie’s Cancer Care Centre in Leeds (and who switched on our Xmas lights in 2015!) bring in even MORE cash as they undertake an epic charity bike ride accompanied by friends and family.

On A DATE NOW TO BE DECIDED IN THE LIGHT OF THE CORONAVIRUS SITUATION the Yorkshire Rows 2020 Cycle Challenge will set off from Maggie’s Leeds to cycle 1000 miles to Maggie’s Barcelona.

How can you help?
You can – join Yorkshire Rows & Co
on any part of our journey** – just get in touch at 

You can – donate!
please visit our JustGiving page

**Important information if you wish to join us


Burn Methodist Chapel: Services are suspended until further notice – but anyone who is in need for whatever reason or wants the services of a minister please contact Christine Gamble on 01757 270308 and that also applies to anyone who would just like a chat – Beryl Phillipson on 01757 270210 is also on hand to talk. Blessings to you all.





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